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Many moms that I am working with were wanting to study homeopathy but simply do not have the time to enroll in a school program nor want to and don't have the need for the degree but just want to learn how to treat their family and perhaps friends. 


I created an acute homeopathy course called, “SOL HOMEOPATHY Acute Prescribing”. The course broken down into 4 semesters. There are 6 classes each semester that run over the course of a year, highlighting the main remedies used in homeopathy (almost 100 remedies will be covered).


This course is geared toward busy moms!  Classes are pre-recorded so you can listen now, later or 10 years from now!


Also, topics like how to choose potency, how to determine how many times to give the remedy etc... the BASICS, so you can treat yourself and family confidently in acute situations. 

When you join this class you will be part of something really incredible! I LOVE Teaching moms how to use homeopathy! It is my life goal to reach as many moms as possible and teach this valuable information! So please, pass along to anyone you think might be interested in learning acute homeopathy.


The cost of the class is $200.00 for 6 weeks


Pay now via Paypal:







Bring a buddy and each pay just $100. This is the BEST because you could study with a buddy!


Pay now via Paypal:








*NOTE: Each person can pay separately (or you can pay for your buddy too).  Please list your buddy information during checkout.                              

Please send me your name and email at:

Jeni Leonard



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