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Here is all the information contained in one link:

I came across a stem cell patch a few years back and clinically, and I was quite impressed. Many people have read about the benefits of stem cells but this is a stem cell patch that uses the body’s heat and organic crystals to activate the body into producing NEW stem cells. I was impressed because stem cells are able to become any type of cell that is needed in the body and thus able to heal and repair any organ or tissue.  They are the “be-all” cells. Also, we knew by age 30 there is a 60% reduction in stem cells in our body and by age 60 there is a 90 percent reduction in the body.


This patch decreases histamine by 40%, increases glutathione by 30% and resets 4,000 genes. It increases energy, improves sleep, eliminates pain, reduces appearance of scars, regrows hair, increases sport performance, etc… This patch not only works on the physical level but the mental/emotional and spiritual level.


At this point, there are countless testimonials including what I have personally experienced.

It is known, everything is energy (or frequency). Our human body—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual is greatly affected by ENERGY. The crystals in x39 is an energy (or frequency) that works with the body to produce new stem cells and essentially heal itself. I have ALWAYS believed in energy to be superior over any supplement, medicine, food, etc… ENERGY-FREQUENCY.  That is why I am a homeopath. BUT this to me feels like a step above THAT. This patch feels like an “accelerated” way to healing.  An evolution in medicine, like going from horse and buggy to automobile. Some do experience positive gains literally overnight, some in a few days and MOST ALL in 28 days. The anti-aging aspects, collagen repair, come in around month 3.


I prayed for something like this. We have these physical bodies that do not handle the toxic environment we live in. SO many are chronically ill, especially children. Chronic illness has almost become the “norm”.  We need advanced technology at this point to stay healthy. For the body to produce NEW cells and become NEW, and repair damaged or diseased parts of the body, and based on our experience over almost 2 years, we feel this is a GIFT FROM GOD!

I watched the Lifewave videos, spent days reading the research, then a few days watching so many testimonials. I actually knew right away this was huge. Sean and I started using it and that was that.


For me, day 1, I had SO much energy, I felt SO strong in my workouts, and had crystal clear thinking.

Over time, my gums healed (see first testimonial on the right side of page), and hair grew like a weed. See pic below! 


I launched the patch to some colleagues, friends and family and nearly EVERYONE experienced positive gains over night or within a few days.

The company has been around for over 19 years. Over 5 million in research JUST for x39, 80 scientific studies and over 100 patents.


The company has integrity and offers a 90-day money back guarantee. So, no brainer to try.

MOST try it due to money back guarantee.


The stem cell patch is $99.95 plus shipping/tax for one-month supply as a Preferred Customer on Autoship. There is a one-time fee of $19.95 for this program.

It is worth it because as a preferred customer, the company will send you 10 sample patches of other patches that they offer starting with the Glutathione Patch, which increases Glutathione by 300%! On month 6, they will send you a FREE sleeve of Lifewave x39 Stem Cell Patch AND a sleeve of your choice! FREE!


If you want it retail, it is $149.


Here is the link to try it.

Again, money back guarantee:

REFERRED ID: 1102498


For more information PLEASE reach out anytime. I am trying to get the word out to everyone I know. 

I am here if you have questions. 

The picture below is my hair growth after using the patch. I have never had hair like this.



Lifewave x39 Stem Cell Patch is AMAZING! I went to get my normal dental cleaning (I go every 6 months). Right from the get-go, my hygienist who has been cleaning my teeth for 6 years, acts dump-founded... and asks, "WHAT are you doing???!!!" "Your teeth look AMAZING". She showed me on her computer chart what my teeth were like 6 months ago compared to now. DRASTIC! She says I have done a 180! The ONLY thing I am doing different? The x39 Stem Cell Patch. SO, I will add this one to the testimonial page! If you struggle with "mouth issues" TRY THIS patch!

Our daughter has been fighting a quite debilitating autoimmune disorder and has struggled with separation anxiety and generalized anxiety for years. Any public setting, school, and environment away from home had become almost non-existent due to her condition. I was homeschooling her while we worked on healing when we added in Lifewave x39. Seven days later and she is back at school half days and that natural beautiful smile of hers is shining bright! She is excited and wants to join in activities again, is back talking with her best friend along with other friends and participating in life! Our daughter calls it her Miracle Patch because she is living her best life again! I am so grateful Jeni reached out to me and now I can reach out to others I know who will benefit from Lifewave x39.

UPDATE! A few days later, she slept over at a girlfriend’s house!

UPDATE! Gabi did a full day of school yesterday AND when coming out found my van in the parking lot without any help!! I didn't even need to get out to get her! I feel like my child is in kindergarten and I'm so excited with all these accomplishments!!


Before I started the patch I had to take 5 mg. Melatonin every evening to go to sleep.
I stopped on  the 6th, and I was out in minutes and did not wake up during the night like before.
After the 2 nd night my arthritis pain was milder and still is. I am waiting for my memory to improve. My problem is mild, sometimes I go into a room and don’t remember the reason. I also have stress and I hope that will get better also.  Looks like we have a miracle happening around us.  


Two weeks on the Stem Cell patch. My abdomen is not sore or bloated at all! I have a ton of energy; my energy is AMAZING! I have no neck, back or shoulder pain at all despite playing violin and conducting 1-6 hours a day! I had been hurting so bad by Wednesday of each week due to my lesson schedule.  I even had a swollen Adam’s apple and it hurt so bad to swallow. Within 4 hours it was gone! My hair is not falling out in the shower covering the drain like it used to. I am having vivid clear dreams. 


Day1 on patches - slept 10 hrs with 5 hrs of rem sleep. Hasn’t happen in years, I woke up and cried bc I had never felt so rested. First week I went off my pain meds from knee surgery , went back to work and started seeing 2-3 clients a day ( more energy and stamina) gave up the wheel chair , walker and started walking on treadmill and  using stationary bike at pt  , also started wearing a leg brace and walking with a cane (all new to me ). Week 2 gave up the cane and started walking un-assisted so energy and stamina def up , also left the house without my glasses and didn’t realize it til late morning and after I had worked on my first and second client of the day (never happen before). I’ve also noticed it helps with anxiety and stress. And is healing relationships with people that usually trigger me. Much more tolerant to those triggers or they affect me less 


I was initially approached by a close friend that I trust, especially when it comes to health and wellness. She was ecstatic about this new patch that is” going to heal the world.” I am naturally a skeptic, “trust yet verify” is my motto but met with such conviction and excitement, not only did I have little to lose but I was also excited to try them out for myself! 


I ordered my patches, they arrived a few days later and I went on with my regular routine. I should preface by pointing out that I have been under a lot of stress, not sleeping well and at the time I just had a really bad herpes outbreak and the lesion was still very much open, the worst one in a while. From experience, it normally would take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to properly heal and then another month before the scar would go unnoticed. 


Upon applying the X39 patch, my first observation was that I got better rest the first night after wearing the patch. I also use Pillow; an app that tracks sleep and provides with a sleep quality score, to my surprise, my score went up and I did feel more rested. More on that in a bit. I did also notice that I got a few pimples that felt like I was detoxing, I also had a few rather healthy bowel movements, again, felt like my body was working hard on internal optimization. For the next few days I started to monitor more closely my sleep and also the healing of my wounds, as I had read that this might be a benefit of X39. By the 5th day I was in absolute shock, not only had my lesions healed completely, but it was even hard to see where it was. The next few days it just got better and better to the point where now, two weeks later, it is completely unnoticeable, that’s about 1/3 of the time it was taken in the past to heal. 


Now back to Sleep and Pillow. The App uses an advanced algorithm collecting data points from the built-in sensors on the Apple Watch such as gyroscope for movement, heart rate sensor and microphone for any sounds that may interrupt sleep. The app offers information on periods of waking, REM, light sleep, and deep sleep using a color graphic which is easy to read and interpret while cross referencing the information to provide a Quality Score. 


I had not had a “restful Night’s Sleep” outside of a Vacation in a few months, which is why I decided to invest in the technology that would help me better understand my sleeping patterns and habits and what I could be doing to improve my sleep. Meditation, exercise, calming herbal teas have all contributed to a better rest through practice and discipline, however, the one component that showed the most measurable difference with positive results immediately after first application, X39! 


The score is based on a scale from 0-100, the average range is somewhere in between 10-90, anything above or below could indicate a disorder. A few nights before the patch I was getting a Quality Score of 60-62%, which is not optimal, for me, certainly felt a bit drained and sluggish. The first week of wearing the patches, my average Quality Score went up from 62% to 69%. The Second week it increased again to 75%. I will continue to track and record the results for my personal knowledge and update as needed, but this along with seeing by wounds heal as fast as Wolverine is certainly enough for me to believe in the product. 


I don’t believe that there is a one-size-fits-all remedy, we must approach our wellness in a wholistic way understanding and honoring the complexity of our composition. This said, I truly think X39 is something that is helping my body reach it’s optimal function by targeting areas where unhealthy habits,  poor diet, pathogens and exposure to chemicals and environmental hazards have most certainly taken a toll on the body and its ability to function at optimal levels. 



DAY 1! Good morning-afternoon :). I wore the patch for the first time last night. No news yet on my pain relief, but.....I woke up and took the most comfortable, easy breath I’ve taken since before I developed asthma many years ago!! It feels so free to breathe like this! I did NOT expect this result!


I have been on the X-39 patch for a month now and have experienced amazing results that are so exciting for me and so beneficial. I was diagnosed with systemic diffuse scleroderma in 2000 and have been blessed to manage my health with holistic and acupuncture treatments. Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that hardens the collagen in the body and skin.  I thought I had reversed the hardening of my skin until I applied the patch.  Within days when applying makeup, I felt a definite softening around my eyes, mouth, and the rest of my face. The softening has continued across my whole body. My hair feels less brittle and dried out making for better hair days. I also have had top jaw surgery which has a layer of scar tissue between the bone plus a hysterectomy due to endometriosis with scar tissue also. I feel positive changes in both areas of life changing results.  I can't hardly wait for 2 months down the road to experience the positive changes that result from continued use of the patch it's healing powers.


I am certain that no words can truly convey the positive experiences that my family and friends are having with Lifewave x39.  It has been an answer to many of my prayers, and the prayers of others.  I have never seen anything like this in the natural healing world!


Nonetheless, I'm going to attempt to write out our experiences, fairly briefly, because… Nobody wants TMI.  Here is a list of the improvements and healing that just my immediate family have experienced in our FIRST WEEK using the x39 patches.  Starred** items were OVERNIGHT (or sooner!) results:


  • **Long standing, chronic eczema - 2 spots in particular were flared up for a number of months.  GONE. Overnight. 

  • Better sleep

  • **More energy

  • Improvement in anxiety and depression

  • More patience and more positive outlook

  • More motivation to be active and engage with others (this had been lacking for about 2 years).

  • **Reduction in/elimination of menstrual cramps (2 family members) - this was within 20-30 minutes of application!

  • Normalization of menstrual period (from extremely heavy with severe exhaustion and mood swings to normal, with sustained energy and mood)

  • A wart just fell off, no other treatment

  • Elimination of joint pain

  • **Reduced severity of long-standing food sensitivity reactions

  • Improvement in skin tone; reduction of dark under-eye circles

  • Reduction of scars and faster healing of scabs/scratches 

  • Reduction of hemorrhoids


I have had many a moment of joy (and honestly a fair amount of pure shock!) when those I've shared with have also experienced rapid and/or significant results when using x39. This has been life changing for me.  I was expecting to give it at least a 3-4 week trial before I could "expect" to see noticeable results.  Which still would have been well worth it! But within days and even hours my family has experienced profound changes.  I can't wait to see how I feel after 3 months, when all my stem cells are active, and my body is working FOR me and not AGAINST me!


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or want more details on any of our experiences.  If you've been using x39, or are thinking about it, remember to keep track of your symptoms and feelings before you start so you can effectively compare over time. Take pictures of before/after as appropriate.  It might not be overnight, but big things are happening when people put this patch on, most within the first week, like us! Celebrate and share your blessings and experiences with others. We need a lot more Hope in this world.  


I am grateful beyond words that God has led me on this path that began many many years ago when I walked out of a doctor's office determined to find another way.  And so I did then and continue to do so now.  This is truly a gift; the missing link that empowers us as individuals to heal from within, all the while bringing people together to share in Hope, Joy and Wellness From Within.



A Blessed Sunday to YOU ALL!  Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.   I believe the patches are working! PRAISE THE LORD!! Victoria had a really good day yesterday ALL DAY! She did NOT feel like passing out! First time in a LONG TIME!! Update is tomorrow we have to make an appointment for a MRI for her head...that is the next step! She has been using a LIFEWAVE x39 patch that the homeopathic dr (my dear friend Jeni) told me about... She thought it would help Victoria and I believe it has also.  Victoria said yesterday that she wishes she could wear it 24 hours...(it is only 12 on & 12 off every day).  She says she is feeling better from it.  It has NO medicine in it.  It works to REJUVINATE STEM CELLS...It is crystals and works with your energy in your body! Dr Jeni has documented her mother in law with Alzheimer's disease for 4 weeks after wearing the patch!  I watched her on testimony and her mother in law goes from not answering much at all (couldn't answer simple questions) and being lethargic (no interaction...just sitting) to totally playing now with her grandchildren and laughing and FULL OF ENERGY!  It surely is a miracle!! PRAISE GOD!!


I have been using the patch for 6 days now left hand and thumb especially has been shaking for about a year ( I have been ignoring that) I noticed yesterday...NO MORE SHAKING/TREMBLING!  PRAISE GOD!  I think that there is really something to be said!


Sooo Thankful and Grateful.  




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